Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HR Management

The emergence of HR portals and self-service technologies has created a major new opportunity for the HR function. Paper-based, “central-office” record keeping systems are rapidly being replaced by powerful, Web-centered information systems, designed to deliver a wide array of self-service personal and professional information to individual users and employees.

HR managers of the modern day are assiduous and simply cannot afford to waste time on simple HR tasks to be performed manually or wait for weeks for reports to be prepared ,which you cannot be a 100% sure of the accuracy, to make critical decisions in that affect your organization. This is a risk that can bring adverse effects to your organization in both short and long runs.

With the recent economic recession one of the largest hindrances for the small business owner is the availability of funds for implementing an HRIS for your organization.

Major work involved in human resource operations is performing 360 degree assessment and performance management appraisal. These operations are performed using pen and paper method and few companies use excel for performing these operations. This is very time consuming and the reports generated will not yield accurate data, which leads to many problems in the organization in future. The best way to accomplish these issues is to use software related to 360 degree assessment and performance management system.

There are many advantageous aspects in using software for 360 degree assessment and performance management system. Very less time is consumed. We can align different formats for conducting assessment. Reports generated will be accurate and we can easily identify the KRA aspects and training required for achieving the full target. Import fact is that, employees taking these assessments will be confident about the results that are being produced.

Use of software in HR operation will benefit in many parts. Task can be segregated, less time will be consumed to complete task. The report generated will yield accurate data. Existence of faults will be very less. Mainly organization comprising of more employees have many issues related to HR functions, the only remedy is to opt for HR software.

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